Wednesday, 5 June 2013

NTU Flagship:Day 3, Chapter 1

Chemical production: It's hard. You need to operate the machines with the same level of intelligence as a nuclear physicist. I have tried many times to conquer this one subject but it has proved un-defeatable. We can however appreciate this delicate form of science and the scientists who must endure this torture everyday. Not much else can be learnt from this other than science takes patience. And patience does not come easy. From tis experience, one can learn a lot about himself. I for one learnt that under pressure, I explode. Fin.

Daily Mission Log: Day 2

I never asked for this.

This one project I have, observe and monitor a distillation column is literally the hardest thing on earth. It will take more than a house of carbon fibre bricks to take it down. I want to take the column, put it upside down and melt it in itself. Anyway there is something odd about what we did. We came close and then we overshot. And never came back. Shed.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Reflections: Day 1


Individual reflections: 

- What sounds interesting in the project? 

This project does appear boring at first sight. Observation requires a steady, sharp eye and a lot of patience. Which I do not have. 

- What do you think you can learn from this project? 

I will learn how water is distilled from mixtures and probably a bit of general knowledge about chemistry. 

- Any immediate questions regarding the project? 

Questions I have include: What type of distillation column are we using? Are we going to try to drink the end result? What does this distillation tower look like? 

Plenary Sessions:

-Note down at least one key learning point for each session. 

Session 1: 

This session was about earthquake research. I learnt that before the earthquake, there is a build-up in which land close to the fault line sinks slowly and pops back up after the quake. Singapore is actually quite close to a fault line called the Sunda Megathrust. (It is as far away from Singapore as Hanoi)

Session 2: 

This session was tuned towards animation softwares. I learnt about the different forms of animations like stop motion and computer 3D animation. I have actually tried stop motion before. It was hard enough to make a five minute production. (Five whole weeks non-stop work)

Session 3: 

This small session focused on nano-tech. I learnt from this session that there is a certain way  atoms react to contact with a surface of molecules. There now a way to turn lead into gold using nano technology. (Remove 3 protons from lead and it becomes gold)