Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Reflections: Day 1


Individual reflections: 

- What sounds interesting in the project? 

This project does appear boring at first sight. Observation requires a steady, sharp eye and a lot of patience. Which I do not have. 

- What do you think you can learn from this project? 

I will learn how water is distilled from mixtures and probably a bit of general knowledge about chemistry. 

- Any immediate questions regarding the project? 

Questions I have include: What type of distillation column are we using? Are we going to try to drink the end result? What does this distillation tower look like? 

Plenary Sessions:

-Note down at least one key learning point for each session. 

Session 1: 

This session was about earthquake research. I learnt that before the earthquake, there is a build-up in which land close to the fault line sinks slowly and pops back up after the quake. Singapore is actually quite close to a fault line called the Sunda Megathrust. (It is as far away from Singapore as Hanoi)

Session 2: 

This session was tuned towards animation softwares. I learnt about the different forms of animations like stop motion and computer 3D animation. I have actually tried stop motion before. It was hard enough to make a five minute production. (Five whole weeks non-stop work)

Session 3: 

This small session focused on nano-tech. I learnt from this session that there is a certain way  atoms react to contact with a surface of molecules. There now a way to turn lead into gold using nano technology. (Remove 3 protons from lead and it becomes gold)

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